Thursday, October 7, 2010

FO: Rainbow Hats + New Yarns!

twin rainbows

These last few weeks have been very busy for our family. Some combination of us has been been in the car and out of town overnight each weekend for the past four weeks. While this has wreaked havoc on our home, laundry, and sleeping we are all the better for having gotten away (or having spent time with Grandma and Grandpa). There were two weddings, a date weekend, and a bachelor party. All wonderful reasons to be away from the home. The car trips provided lots of knitting time, so when DH and I weren't trying to catch up with each other, and our life, I was able to put my needles together.

The hats above are the product of a trip to Milwaukee last weekend. The girls asked me to knit them "fall rainbow hats," just like the one that I wear. I was able to use the generously free pattern from Soulemama for a kids-size version of a hat I knit for myself a few years back (photos are pre-blocking). And while I chose a different yarn - one that is washable! - the girls are thrilled.

The photo above is of two hats, but I am currently knitting a third, with the remnants from these two, for my youngest daughter. She is patiently awaiting her hat which has been stalled momentarily while work on the dissertation resumes again full-time.

bold rainbow

tropical rainbow

The yarn for these hats was purchased at my LYS which has recently undergone a transformation. Same name, but new layout, new management, and new yarns.

I had a gift card for the old store, which closed for awhile in the summer, and I also had a full punch card. Since the yarn supply in the old store started to decline in the spring I held off on using the gift card. I didn't know the store was going to close, and I suppose I was waiting until more yarns came in. Luckily the new owner has agreed to accept gift cards that were issued from the old store, as well as provide a 20% discount for full punch cards. So I marched in and spent that gift card. With the additional percent off I was even able to buy myself some luxury hand dyed sock yarn.

I plan to cast-on the sock yarn tonight in an attempt to participate in the TTL Mystery Sock 2010. Given the gorgeous results from last year I am really excited to participate again!

The other two skeins of wool you see below are a gift from a dear friend. They are a congrats-on-finishing-your-dissertation gift; gifted in the spirit of 'now quit typing and start knitting again!' I am completely taken by the goldenrod color, and it looks so striking next to that gray. Oh the possibilities! The yarn comes from a local woman who makes her own yarn and also owns a local yarn store. I believe she also piloted a yarn share, CSA-style, this last year. What an amazing idea!

I always knew that fall would be the toughest season to survive without buying any new yarns, and I am so happy that I was able to indulge with something new in a budget-neutral way!

new sock yarn (madelinetosh)

gift yarn

3 comments: said...

I do like the Madelinetosh, but oh-man the gray and goldenrod yarn!!! Mittens. Do you think you will knit mittens? :)

Glad you are getting out and enjoying life since the dissertation is coming to a close.

Juniper said...

Very nice hats! I am sure you girls are thrilled with them.

Yolanda Barker said...

Such cute hats. This is a really nice blog!

If you feel like browsing, do check out mine. I'm a documentary film maker and I blog about what I find interesting, and inspiring. I think you might like it.