Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Progress report: kcwc

skirts for older girls

chicken skirt

In my first progress report for kcwc I am happy to show you three skirts. They were accomplished in about 3 hours, including shopping for, and laundering, the fabric, and sewing time. I worked from the lazy days skirt pattern, generously offered up free by Oliver + S. I have made this skirt quite a few times before, but why mess with something good, right? Especially if I only have a precious few hours - I need results, and fast! [There was also a first (botched) attempt at some pants for my 3yo You'll hear more about that later this week.]

My girls are very happy today, wearing their new duds. I carefully picked out fabric for each of them: dogs (doing yoga no less) for my dog-lover, flowers for my care-free spirit, and chickens for my ever-present helper and budding chicken farmer. Each of these skirts was made from newly purchased materials, but the rest of the projects I am working on for the week are from up-cycled clothes or other fabric from my stash.

By the end of the photo shoot with my 3yo the chickens had become quite interested in what we were doing next to their coop (that's Sandra looking on, with Betty on the stoop). Little do they know that her skirt was made in their honor!

curious chickens

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Anonymous said...

Well done, Mama! They look great. I have some of that chicken fabric too, in a few different colorways. What to do with it? Hmm. Skirts are a good idea...