Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baby Knitting

"What to knit for the baby?" Is a question that has me perplexed these days. What do you knit for a baby that was born during the craziest spat of weather we've had in a long time? She needed winter clothes when we brought her home, and just yesterday the temps climbed into the upper 80's. And all of this is complicated by the very real fact that babies grow so fast!

I settled on a little shrug. It's something that can be layered for cooler weather, or worn over a onesie on the warmer days. I pulled out some left over cotton yarn from the stash and knit one up using the Confection pattern, by Tonya Wagner (free). The smallest size took just under one skein. I didn't follow the pattern exactly, as my little one has long arms. I also lost track of how many stitches I was picking up for the ribbed hem, but it turned out great anyway. Knitting for babies is so forgiving.

It really is the perfect item for weather like this. Not cold enough for a full sweater, but not warm enough for her to be out in short sleeves. And it is just plain adorable, don't you think?

3 comments: said... My ovaries hurt just looking at that baby knitting. :)

Shrug seems ideal too because there is not so much clothing for getting in and out of carseats and baby slings. Very smart mommy.

Juniper said...

What sweet photos of your newest little babe, she is beautiful, I see a lot of you in her face.

Little C and Little J said...

Oh, how I love the scrunched up newborn look! Lovely sweater, too.