Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twirly peace in under 14 days

I made a twirly peace skirt in under 14 days! By necessity the project was split into manageable chunks of time. And I kept my expectations low regarding how much I could finish on any given day - the nursing and baby wearing is keeping my body occupied most of the time right now - but I kept at it.

Day 1: open the pattern package and read it.
Day 2: cut out the pattern
Day 3: cut as many pieces of the skirt as I could
Days 4-6: same as above
Day 7: thread sewing machine
Day 8: iron and sew as much of skirt as I could
Days 9-11: same as above
Day 12: finish skirt
Day 13: photo shoot

Unfortunately I mis-read the pattern, or more likely forgot what the pattern said, and sewed with 1/4" seam allowances rather than 1/2". So even after leaving off an entire panel it is a smidge too wide, and it's definitely too long. Sadly I placed the skirt in the 'next summer's clothes' box in the closet.

But, I'm sure it won't stay there. My 5 yo girls wear all manner of too big, too small, and just right but out of season clothes all the time. In fact, I'm certain they seek out these 'forbidden' clothes on purpose and revel in my reaction when they stumble down the stairs with pants that are 3 inches too long or toddler sized t-shirts stretched so tight they can't get them off again. So really I don't know why I bothered putting it away at all. Before I realize it one of them will be out the door with it on.

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jk said...

That is super cute - my girls would love the twirliness and the peace signs!