Thursday, June 23, 2011

FO: Camilla Babe

This sweater is so adorable, squishy, and cuddly. I can't wait for my youngest to grow into it. It will be awhile; I chose the 6 mos. size but this sweater turned out huge, more like at 2T! It is knit up with a locally-sourced, handpainted, mill-spun wool yarn. I haven't blocked it as I don't think it really needs it. But I can't wait for those holes to open up, especially when stretched across a lovely baby belly!

The pattern was great, and easy to memorize. My only complaints are the underarms - they were difficult to seam after being stretched to accomodate adding the arms while knitting up from the bottom. I have knit a few raglan sweaters before, but always from the top down. This was the first time it was reversed for me. And while it still turned out - and garter stitch can be very forgiving and stretchy - I wish there had been a better way to accomplish this for a neater finish.

After finishing the baby sweater I moved on to another project for my older girls. This is the 'In Threes' cardigan, knit up in a Cascade Superwash Paint. The yarn was chosen by one of my older girls and I think it will suit each of them well. There is another vest (Milo) in the works for them, but I broke my circular awhile back and it's awaiting a surgery date with super glue.

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lovely sweater!