Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FO: In Three's

It took awhile for me to sew on the buttons, but this was one quick knit! I am I-N L-O-V-E with the short-sleeve cardigan. Minimal finishing since it was knit from the top down, and it was so nice not to do arms for a change. I have a hard time pushing through the second arm - almost as much difficulty with finishing a second sock - but this project took that issue right off the plate. And no-arms makes such a versatile garment in the end. A nice layering piece that I am finding is just right for my older girls. The realize they need to cover up in the cooler months, but a full sweater can be too much for girls that insist undershirts are proper Wisconsin winter wear. This will be perfect when paired with a long-sleeve shirt (or nice with short-sleeves in the spring/fall).

And I couldn't be happier with the yarn in the end. I don't mean that I actually like the colors - what I mean is that I am thrilled it didn't pool or otherwise make funky patterns on the fabric. It's also 100% superwash wool (fist-bump to all you other knitting mama's out there) to boot.

The pattern is fantastic too. It's simple to follow and the sizing seems to be spot-on. The increases seem to match my girls shoulders perfectly. The cardigan flows nicely outward, but not too dramatic or drapey. I made the 5T size for width, but added an extra inch in the length for longevity of wear.

I think there's enough character here that one can proudly wear this mama-made sweater.


fivegreenacres said...


mama-pan | mary frances said...

love it! is there a grownup version of this pattern?

Juniper said...

I love this sweater shirt, it really looks cute on your daughter. Easy you say? Maybe I will give it a go! Love the look of it!

Little C and Little J said...

This is awesome! The colors are so vibrant but the sweater style steals the show...stunning