Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Great Frame-Up

Over the three-day weekend DH and I did a quick project together.

I have been searching for a way to organize my earrings for some time. I thought I would go ahead and purchase an earring tree - until I realized that I have some earrings that would work on a tree, and some that need different way to hang. So I began to search Etsy for another way to organize and display them. I happened across a simple display idea - chicken wire in a frame - and thought we had all the supplies on hand to make one up myself. It turns out we did.

I started with a thrifted frame - the one I used didn't even have a back (yeah, it was from a "free" box) which worked to my benefit for this project.

First I had my husband cut a piece of chicken wire (left over from building our own coop!) to fit inside the frame, where the glass would normally be.

Second, I cut a piece of form core to fit in the back of the frame. Third, I covered it with fabric, secured the fabric with masking tape, and slipped it into place. Lastly, I added some more tape to keep the foam core affixed to the back of the frame. The idea is to have a bit of space between the chicken wire and backing, and this frame, lacking it's proper backing, worked very well for that purpose.

There is a little metal piece on the back to hang the frame on the wall, but I have it just leaned up against the wall for now. I also chose a backing with fabric for mine, but you could also stick with just the frame and chicken wire. Your wall - presuming you like the paint color - would make a nice backing too.

And after 20 minutes of working together I have a new place to keep my special earrings!


Juniper said...

Funny I did the same thing last summer (http://capersandolives.blogspot.com/2010/08/necessity-mother-of-invention.html), what to do with all those nice earrings, then checking on etsy for ideas. I like what you and Dan did, and very sweet to work together on something!

Kat said...

I did have a question i've been trying to post pictures on my new site. But i can't seem to get them to work. Any way you can help?