Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Craigslist-tacular Spring Break

new-to-me yarn swift

It was spring break around here last week.  We were busy going here-and-there, visiting family and friends, making holiday decorations, and enjoying eachothers' company. For a few days, the older girls attended a visual arts mini-camp, and the younger set was tasked with helping me do deep spring cleaning. 

In a marathon of craigs-listing baby items (yes, our family is now complete) I realized that I could/should take a moment and craft a 'wanted' post for something I've been hoping to purchase for some time: a yarn swift. 

And wouldn't you believe it! The craigslist faeries were watching out for me.  In less than 24 hours from my post, a woman e-mailed me with one for sale.  A large Glimakra umbrella swift, that to her eye had hardly been used (she was selling it for a friend).  Well just my luck.  The seller even delivered.

The rest of that afternoon was spent taking turns pulling yarn from the swift and winding it into balls.  It sure is a step up from me sitting solo on the couch unwinding skeins by hand.  I've still got an active want ad for a ball winder.  We'll see if one turns up in the near future.  Until then I've got three willing helpers, and one delightful babe full of yarn mischief to wind with.

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Next week I'll be guest blogging over at a happy stitch.  Melissa is hosting a series on sewing/crafting spaces and I'll share my thoughts on the 'essentials' for making crafting happen while herding a family of six.  Come on over for a tour.

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jk said...

Now if I could just get back to my knitting...It has been far, far too long! Your post is inspiring...