Monday, April 2, 2012

FO: Vitamin D

Well, here it is.  And I love it. (Please forgive my tired eyes .  We snapped this photo at 6:45a before DH took off for work.  That is how much I wanted to blog about it today!)

In the end I don't know that it is the most flattering shape on me, but the color, feel, drape and fact that I made it myself! counteract all that wondering quite well.

I really love the weight of this sweater.  It did take an long time (relatively speaking) to knit this up in a sock yarn, but I am really happy that I stuck with it because it made a truly wearable, lightweight fabric.  I am the kind of person that can overheat easily, and this sweater is about as thick as I would want a three season (spring, summer, fall) sweater to be. I could go for a worsted weight during the cold WI winter months, however.

As promised, here are some of the 'before' photos with notes.  I find this kind of thing really helpful as a knitter - it's what gives me confidence that while I may not like what I see when I weave in that last yarn end, a good soak/wash and blocking can work wonders.  See what I mean?

whew, don't like this AT ALL.
looking better already!
blocking really does work!

I am not sure what to knit next.  But I am certain that I going to knit myself another sweater or cardigan.  I did cast on for a little 'In Three's' for the baby, but I think that I am going to spend some time surfing ravelry tonight for ideas.  Any suggestions from you out there?


FiveGreenAcres said...

Wheeeeeeee! Love it!

Ann Wegner LeFort said...

It's incredibly flattering, don't second guess it. Well done!

Juniper said...

Beautiful sweater Beth!