Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Zippers: Open Wide Pouch

For more practice with zippers I moved on next to the Open Wide Zipper Pouch tutorial.  This one has a liner and a different design from the boxy tote - this one stands upright and when open is fully open so you can see the entire inside.

This first one is made mostly from fabric I picked up on a recent trip I took to Japan to visit with friends.  Fabric shopping in Japan is similar enough to the US that I was able to request fabric off the bolt by the meter without a problem.  I brought home quite a bit, but it's never enough, right?  At least the prices were comparable to what I find here in the US so I don't have any regrets there - but the selection in the stores, oh my!  It was a treat.  

This first bag is already at home with my Sister-in-Law.

This design offers a full lining which was the next thing I was looking for in my search for zippered pouches.  I love this design so much - and was getting such great practice with my zipper foot - that I ultimately made six of these bags. 

Four are the large size and two are mini ones that I made with my nieces during a recent overnight stay with us.  I also cut up a pair of old jeans for the bottom of the exterior.  I think it lends a nice contrast and some durability to the final pouch.

I still need lots of practice with zippers but I feel more confident now about how to work with them.  My next attempt will be for a boxy tote with a full lining.

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