Friday, March 20, 2015

WIP's: Hat, socks, 2 sweaters

I have a pretty hefty backlog of knitting projects on the needles at the moment.  The oldest is probably my Hitofude cardigan which I am slowly making progress on.  I got stuck at the waist increases - and deciding whether I should modify the pattern at all or knit it as written.  I think that I have settled on a plan forward.

The hat you see above, Selbu Modern, is almost finished by now!  I only have the crown decreases to go and I'll post about my modifications and the final hat when I am done.

Also in the basket is an Icelandic-inspired sweater made with yarn brought back from Iceland from a family friend.  The color work and pattern are from Grettir (Jared Flood), but the shaping and final measurements are from CustomFit.

I also have completed one of these awesome green striped socks.  Just need to find the time for the second (and unfortunately I missed completing them in time for this St. Patrick's Day celebration). 

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