Saturday, April 26, 2008

(First of...) 3 great bags

Here is the first of three great bags from the pattern 3 Great Bags by Ellie Grisham. The pattern and fabric were an impulse purchase last weekend when I was feeling ansy and cooped up. I was able to get out for a mere 50 mintues - and managed to add another project to my list. However, this one has benefits - namely Mother's Day gift potential! (Mom, if you're reading this, the cat's out of the...well, you know.)

I fell in love with the green batik; reminicent of the budding trees of spring. It is tempered by the flame orange. A color we usually see in fall but is also a great contrast to the green.

This bag was also a great way to test out the sewing machine some more. Dan purchased it for me when we moved into our new home last August and I have been learning about it ever since. I have noticed a frustruating tendency for the machine to skip, or rather, bunch up stiches on the underside of what I am sewing. It doesn't seem to matter what fabric I'm using, the tension of the stitches or anything. I am clueless as to why it happens with such frequency. Maybe something about how the bobbin is wound? This is something that I will have to look into before I venture on to quilting the two quilt tops that I have stashed in the corner. Incidentially, I didn't have any problems with this issue when I was sewing the girls' fishing game.

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