Friday, August 29, 2008

Quilt-a-long: Week 9

Week 9: Tan/Gold. This block got tricky because I wanted to keep the nap all going in the same direction. I think it turned out pretty well. This is made from a cotton Ghanaian fabric from my dear friend. She purchased it for me on her travels a couple years ago. I only have about a yard of this precious fabric left (it gets doled out to little projects, like this and this, all the time) and I want to save it for something special.

The cloth is Adinkra cloth which is a hand printed fabric. The origin of Adinkra cloth is traced to the Ashanti people of Ghana. Initially the cloths were made for royalty to be worn at religious ceremonies. Adinkra cloth is decorated with traditional symbols that covey the thoughts and feelings of the person wearing them - however, I can't seem to find a key for what this particular symbol stands for. Any ideas? It looks like a sun rising to my eyes.

Also, as requested, here is a photo of all the blocks together so far. The last three will be doubles of red, yellow and green. Maybe this can help all of you help me in choosing thread? Also, for you quilters out there, what is your preferred batting? Cotton? poly-blend? I am so new to all of this I don't even know where to start...

I did have an epiphany for the backing fabric - re-use cloth from the quilt that is being replaced. This very pink, very retro, fabric used to cover an entire quilt at the cabin, but got a big rip down the middle(see how faded it is too?). I think that with some creative cutting and re-sewing it will become a suitable backing for this quilt. The pink, blue, white, black and retro match well-enough and it is only fitting for this fabric to return to the cabin, whence it came.

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Jacquie said...

i'm so glad you posted them as a set. this is going to be wonderful. the batting question i can share what i use. i like that thin kind of antique quilt look so i use low loft cotton batting. warm and natural or warm and white is a good choice. as for thread...i would probably use something very neutral so it would blend with all the fabrics and not stand out too much. i'll warn you though that choosing thread and quilting are not my strengths.