Monday, April 5, 2010


They picked out their own outfits yesterday morning. Dresses and sweaters. My jaw dropped when they all came downstairs, each wearing the sweater I'd knit especially for them. It was too sweet not to take a photo and share. Links to the red and purple sweaters here and here, and the blue here. I'm happy to report that after multiple adventures, washings and general wear-and-tear they are holding up well (the kids, and the sweaters!)


Rebekah said...

So sweet! It makes all the knitting time totally worth it, doesn't it? :)

mama-pan said...

they look great! hope you had a wonderful easter morning and are off to a good week.

Juniper said...

Very cute!! How sweet that they each picked out the very thing you had specially made them! My how they are growing! So tall!! Hope you all enjoyed the Easter weekend!